Nail Fungus Treatment

toenail fungus

Hello Everyone,

I created this website as a resource for everyone who suffers from nail fungus. It’s one of those ailments that if not treated correctly or consistently can really become a nagging problem that just doesn’t seem to go away. We all hate it; the embarrassment of the ugly toenail or fingernail, the pain or discomfort, the health concerns if we don’t get it under control, the concerns of further damaging of the nail or nail bed, jeez it’s stressful too.

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As much as we’d like to ignore it we can’t because without seriously working on a nail fungus treatment, it isn’t going to go away. I’ve seen some pictures of toenail fungus that hasn’t been treated, for what must have been several years……wow, you wouldn’t want to see those pictures just after eating!

Inside this site you will find a lot of detailed information about the many nail fungus cures out there. There really are a lot of “home remedies” which I’ll detail for you, most of them I wouldn’t use for various reasons but they might appeal to you or others, so I want to include them in the site. The one area I am not going to focus on is the prescription drugs, I know in some cases they are necessary or at the least there is a good case for their use. But personally, with other options available the prescription drugs just aren’t worth the risk to me.

Nail fungus is technically or medically known as Onychomycosis and also Tinea unguium, I just call it nail fungus….. If you don’t know nail fungus or Dermatophyte are parasitic plants that grow on the nail bed. Fungus or fungi are microscopic plants that do not produce their own food and energy instead absorb food and energy source from their hosts humans, animals or plants. Yep, this stuff is gross and we need to kill those fungi…

There are basically 3 stages of the nail fungus infection. First stage is when you notice a white spot almost at the edge of the nail. If left untreated at this stage, the nail fungus infection will continue spreading, right into the second stage. Second stage, the toenail will change in color, it will become yellow or even brown. Crumbling and thickening of the toenail is also experienced at this stage. The third stage is the worst, because of the crumbling and thickening, the toenail is becomes deformed and painful. Obviously, the earlier you treat it the better.

So please look around at this site and research your options. Then pick a nail fungus remedy that you feel you can follow religiously. You need to be committed the consequences of half heartedly trying to cure your nail fungus are great.

Good luck and I hope my site helps you.

Take Care,

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