Natural Oils for Homeopathic Toenail Fungus Treatment

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Modern science has proved through tests and studies the many applications of natural oils, especially in the field of medicine.  Natural oils have been used for centuries to relieve and heal diseases.  Fortunately these oils still exist today, and are combined to create a toenail fungus remedy to stop the fungus in its tracks.  These natural oils are chosen for their potent antifungal  and antibacterial properties to make an all natural toenail fungus remedy that is effective and with a faster healing period.  These oils are tea tree, lavender, clove, almond, jojoba, lemongrass and vitamin E.  In addition, Undecylenic acid is added for antifungal potency.  They have all been combined into one product that is the most popular and probably most recommended natural nail fungus treatment, .

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Undecylenic acid is an organic, straight chained unsaturated fatty acid that is extracted by cracking natural castor oil through pressure.  It’s antiseptic qualities are utilized in fields of medicine and cosmetics.  It is approved by the FDA as an active ingredient for over the counter topical toenail fungus remedy and other antibacterial ointments.  Studies from the 1940’s proved its effectiveness in relieving itchiness and irritation for psoriasis patients.  It has also been tested against viral infections such as Herpes.   

Tea tree oil is used as a remedy for skin conditions from acne, eczema, dressing of wounds and scabies by Australian aboriginals since prehistoric times.  The oil is derived from leaves of the Melaleuca tree.  Tea tree is a name coined from the use of the leaves as tea concoction to promote healthy skin.  Studies have shown it is an effective antifungal agent for Dermatophytes like the toenail fungus and Candida fungus.  It is also known as a cure for viral infections like cold sores, chickenpox and other infections.  Because of its strength, tea tree oil must be diluted in water or other oils and should not be taken orally.  Tea tree oil toenail fungus remedies are becoming popular because of its publicized success, many articles has been discussed it.

Lavender oil is acknowledged for its smell as used in perfumes and for aromatherapy.  In medical applications, the oil employ its active component linalool that soothes and relieves skin irritation from insect bites, stings, minor burns and sunstroke.   It is also used as chest rub to lessen bronchitic and asthmatic seizures.  It is often used paired with tea tree oil in topical toenail fungus remedy, and with chamomile oil for treating eczema.  As a toenail fungus remedy ingredient, lavender oil penetrates the cell membrane of the fungus to lose its integrity and disintegrate.

Clove oil is a popular pain reliever for toothaches.  Before the introduction of safe and effective topical anaesthetic drugs, dentists used clove oil for toothaches and gum pain.  Its active element eugenol has antifungal and antimicrobial qualities.  These qualities were used to cure mouth sores caused by yeast infection and now as an ingredient in a toenail fungus remedy.  Clove oil is often used as a treatment for acne, warts and scars.  In 2009, clinical tests have shown clove oil’s effectiveness against acne causing bacteria.  

Jojoba oil, is a wax like substance from the jojoba plant that is found in the Northwestern part of Mexico, Southern California and Arizona.  It is often used in cosmetics, bath and body products for the wax like oil has the same make up of human sebum.   Jojoba oil is used in toenail fungus remedy because it is a natural fungicide that kills fungal spores that prevent the spreading of the infection.  It also provides natural moisture to surrounding skin of the infected nail.  

Lemongrass oil is as ancient as the tea tree oil in its medicinal properties.  It has been recorded as a remedy for cough and colds in Indian Ayurvedic medicine.  It is a natural preservative, infiltrating and injecting natural fluids to prevent from rotting.  Lemongrass as a component of a toenail fungus remedy helps preserve the health of the nail by penetrating and injecting natural fluids.  It is also known for antifungal traits that  preserved ancient manuscripts in India from mildew and pests. 

Vitamin E oil has antioxidants that protects the skin from free radicals.  It is a vital component to cell renewal and the distribution of vitamin A.  In a toenail fungus remedy, vitamin E protects the surrounding skin from free radicals and helps speed up the growth of healthy nail.



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