Toenail Fungus Vinegar Treatment

Funginix Nail Fungus RemedyHopping from different websites and forums, one home remedy for toenail fungus stands out as the most accepted and widely used of all is vinegar. From ancient times until today vinegar is referred as a multipurpose home item. It is used as a natural cleaning component, cooking ingredient and home remedy for different types of ailments including jellyfish stings. Toenail fungus vinegar treatments vary in methods and proportions of solutions or blends. Two kinds of vinegar used for toenail fungus remedies are white vinegar and apple cider vinegar. White vinegar is a staple in every home while Apple cider is a common folk remedy for numerous disorders.

Varying methods of toenail fungus vinegar treatments were created to suit everyone’s particular necessity. Methods for toenail fungus vinegar remedies are soaking, applying directly to infected nail, alternate application with other toenail fungus home remedies or antifungal solutions and drinking vinegar solution as a tonic. Each method’s claim of efficacy is based on testimonials from people and different sources. The key ingredient in vinegar is acetic acid. Acetic acid is an organic acid that arise from fermentation of ethanol or pure alcohol. It is used in making plastic bottles and fuel. Acetic acid is highly corrosive in its pure state. Usual percentage of acetic acid in vinegar is between five percent to eighteen percent. This ingredient make it possible for toenail fungus vinegar treatments to work as preservative and antimicrobial agents.

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The general method used for toenail fungus vinegar remedy is soaking infected toenails in vinegar solution of fifty parts vinegar and fifty parts water. Soak for thirty minutes, one or two times a day. As the healthy toenail grows file down and cut infected section, so the nail can receive better treatment from the vinegar blend. Do this for three to four weeks. It won’t hurt either if other natural antifungal solution is applied on the infected nail after the toenail fungus vinegar soak.

Another toenail fungus vinegar treatment is directly smearing the toenail with pure vinegar in dropper. Cutting and filing as the nail grows is also advised. Apply vinegar on toenail two to three times a day. This toenail fungus vinegar treatment can take from three weeks to three months or when the healthy part of the nail is completely out.

Sometimes toenail fungus vinegar treatments are alternately used with other antifungal solutions such as hydrogen peroxide or essential oils treatments. Hydrogen peroxide solution is used with vinegar in alternating days. Don’t combine vinegar and peroxide because this creates a highly corrosive substance that can damage the skin. Soak feet in toenail fungus vinegar solution twice a day, on the alternate day use the peroxide solution. Treat the toenails with this method for three weeks. Cut and file the infected nail as it grows out. Although the treatment lasts for three weeks, healing is fully manifested when the infected portion is outgrown by the healthy nail.

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